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Where do I start?

What do I need to do?
The first stage is to work out what you want the software to do. Modus develops software using Rapid Application Development techniques which don't require an expensive detailed specification document and this helps to minimise the costs.

How do I keep the costs under control?
The best way is by limiting the amount of work, if possible, to a series of small stages making it easier for you to control the costs. In some cases the cost of a single stage can be less than a single user licence for many common off-the-shelf packages. By taking small steps you can see the results sooner and be certain that your money is being wisely spent. 

Do I need a bespoke system?
Once an outline specification is available we would review the software products available off the shelf to see if they do, or can be adapted to, meet your needs. If so, then this is by far the most cost effective solution. Adapting existing open source products can also be investigated.


When will I see the results?
By taking it step by step, you can receive your first version of the software in a matter of days. This way, not only does the project fit around your budget but you can also start using the software quickly so you can know it works for you before moving onto the next stage.

What if I want to make changes?
Any new features needed as the system is developed can simply be introduced as part of the next phase. Linking the expenditure to each phase makes it less likely that money and resources are wasted and more likely that you'll get the system you need.

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