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Modus is the comprehensive legionella control management package

Solving problems
Complying with the law can appear simple but it can be very difficult in larger buildings or across multiple properties - lots of outlets, lots of tests, lots of data and lots of responsibility. But there is only one you, and the cost of an incident can be high. So you need a system which gives you:

  • Less risk of corners being cut
  • Easy identification of problems
  • Speedy data gathering
  • Standardised recording format
  • Easy test recording

It is vital to know that the right test has been carried out at the right time on the right outlet. minimises the risk of error by helping field operatives know what tests they should be doing and where. It also reduces form filling on site to almost zero and encourages and assists with consistency.

Making the most of your data
Reviewing screeds of forms, risk assessments, log books and test sheets and making sense of the data is almost impossible. With, key information and test data is easy to find and reports on vital safety matters easy to produce so you should be able to find problems before they find you.

Modus uses advanced web based software with integrated handheld data collectors. It provides immediate and unambiguous identification of outlets with information on the tests to be applied. Managers can access information about all tests carried out, the name of the operative who completed the work and the results of any test.

Often, the location and descriptions of outlets is poor and inconsistent so legionella test regimes depend upon operatives with an in-depth knowledge of the site. identifies the location of all rooms, outlets, plant and testing regimes in a way everyone can understand whether familiar with the site or not.