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In 2007, new Construction (Design and Management) Regulations came into force having been simplified and combined with the Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996.

The new regulations mean

  • Keeping everyone informed - communication is the key
  • An end to generic risk assessments
  • Knowing who is on site and what they are trained to do
  • Making it easy to understand for everyone

The software
Modus has been developing work control systems since 1997 and now have a system ideally suited to the new regulations. is a complete work control and safety management system designed to help everyone involved in a project, whoever they are, comply with the new CDM regulations. gives you

  • Control at every stage of a project
  • Understanding for everyone
  • Visible communication
  • Structure and guidance
  • Assurance

The ultimate project manager

AIMS. net gives you:

Structured communication
Through its instant messaging facility and other up to the minute communication tools makes sure everyone knows what is expected of them. also records all decisions and communications so they can be reviewed at any stage of the project with no confusion.

Detailed templates and guides guides users through the work planning process making clear what is required and when.

Competency assurance comprehensive assurance system means that no one is given a task for which they are not competent and anyone's certification and training history can be checked in seconds. 

Change control makes managing change easy by allowing an entire process to be followed quickly without compromising quality.

A complete history has a unique facility for documenting the entire design and decision making process for future reference.