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Developed over ten years and used here at Modus on thousands of surveys, from single houses to entire local authorities we have to be sure that works effectively. Now it is the most comprehensive, consistent and efficient system that you can buy.

Flexible is designed for any organisation and property portfolio - from the small housing association to a large industrial site, from a single building to tens of thousands of houses.

  • has a comprehensive suite of standard reports
  • can be customised to record extra information
  • recognises that every client has their own way of working
  • can be customised to suit your requirements
  • allows existing data to be input quickly

Everything needed - drawings, photographs, sample analysis, results etc - to meet current regulations AND manage asbestos effectively is stored by in an easy-to-access format.

Easy to understand
All people need is the right information to do their job. provides just that - with no complications. With links to floorplans, it is easy to use for people who may not know your site as well as you do.

Access to important information is quick and easy with everything relating to risk assessments, surveys, samples removals and any air tests available from a single screen. So when someone asks, "What asbestos is where I am going to be working?", you can respond quickly.

Because limits full access to a select few, you can be sure your data remains accurate for years to come. Almost all users have read only access and therefore cannot modify the data. In addition any changes can be easily identified and investigated if necessary.

Surveys and re-inspections can be supplied with hand-held data recorders, making surveys faster, more accurate and more cost effective. Even if you are not carrying out your own surveys, makes it easy to undertake re-inspection work without needing third party surveyors.